Waiting on Wednesday #1

Posted: October 2, 2012 in WOW

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Breaking the Spine.  This is where we showoff the books that we are “patiently” waiting to release.  Please feel free to drop me a link to your WOW in the comments section below.  Happy reading everyone!

This week’s selection is:

Prodigy (Legend, #2)

Jan. 4. 1932 Hours.

Ocean Standard Time

Thirty-Five Days After Metias’s Death

June and Day arrive in Vegas just as the unthinkable happens: the Elector Primo dies, and his son Anden takes his place. With the Republic edging closer to chaos, the two join a group of Patriot rebels eager to help Day rescue his brother and offer passage to the Colonies. They have only one request—June and Day must assassinate the new Elector.

It’s their chance to change the nation, to give voice to a people silenced for too long.

But as June realizes this Elector is nothing like his father, she’s haunted by the choice ahead. What if Anden is a new beginning? What if revolution must be more than loss and vengence, anger and blood—what if the Patriots are wrong?

Why I’m waiting?

Well I read Legend when it first came out and I enjoyed it immensely.  I loved the world that the author created and all the drama and “who done its” that took place.  Basically, Legend rocked my socks off.  I’m hoping that Prodigy lives up to the high standards that I have for it.

  1. Silverlight says:

    I still haven't read The Legend, now I feel like I missed out. My WOW

  2. Jamie Hanna says:

    Check out Legend. It was AWESOME SAUCE.

  3. speculatef says:

    Oh my!! I'm waiting for this, I really really want it!! ❤ Great pick :DShaheen @ Speculating on SpecFicCheck out what I'm waiting on!

  4. WinterHaven says:

    I really wish I had this in my hands right now lol!! Great pick!Our WoW for the week =)

  5. SQT says:

    Oh- new series for me. I'll definitely have to check out "Legend." Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I haven't read the first one, but a friend of mine loved it!

  7. Just added Legend to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing and stopping by!New follower =)

  8. Cheles Bells says:

    I've heard so many great things about this series! I really need to read Legend. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by My WoW!Happy Reading 😀

  9. I've heard so many great things about Legend; I really need to get started 🙂WoW @thedailyprophecy.

  10. Dani Chapman says:

    I have seen this one around and it does sound like it will be a good book! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Mariya says:

    Are you new to blogging? I haven't seen you around before! I noticed that we have a lot of the same books in common! I look forward to chatting more with you! And Btw, New follower here! :))Loving Dystopians! I swear they're my new favorite genre! 🙂My WOW PostMystifying Paranormal Reviews

  12. Read this one a few weeks ago! I loved it more than Legend great choice :)Jaime @ Two Chicks On Books

  13. I haven't read Legend yet but I have it on my to-read list so I hope I get my hands on it soon. Great pick! Come check out my WOW post.

  14. Beczy says:

    I CAN"T WAIT FOR PRODIGY!! I wish it would come out RIGHT NOW so I could read it XDThanks for stopping by my WOW 🙂

  15. Jennifer says:

    I loved Legend! Can't wait for Prodigy! Welcome to the blogging world…I'm a new follower.

  16. I seriously need to buckle down and read my copy of Legend! Great pick! Thanks for sharing! Happy reading :)MaryAnnChapter by Chapter

  17. Oh my, I haven't had a chance to read Legend yet, sorry! It sounds amazing, and this cover is really awesome! Will have to read Legend before this is release :)Thanks for leaving a comment on my WOW today!!!

  18. Nice pick! I liked Legend. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Merin says:

    I still need to read Legend, and especially want to do so soon, since the sequel is about to come out. I hope you enjoy it once you get a chance to read it!Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  20. I loved Legend! And I was so sad when I got denied to read this from Edelweiss 😦 Boo oh well, I can wait (I think)..Thanks for dropping by!——Giselle from Book Nerd CanadaWaiting on Wednesday

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