Feature Idea’s

Posted: October 4, 2012 in blogging, Discussion Post

So after viewing several WOW’s this week that hosted sequels to books that I have sitting on my TBR bookcase.  I’ve been kicking around the idea of hosting a feature where you the readers/followers of the blog will get to choose my next read and help me unclutter my shelves.  I haven’t thought of a catchy name for it yet and I haven’t decided when I’m going to start it yet but it is most definately in the works.  I’m even throwing around the idea of giving away some of the chosen books after I read them.

Another feature I’ve been kicking around is “Laci Recommends.”  For this feature I’m getting a little bit personal and letting my furbaby take over the blog for a day.  I used to do a similar feature on my old blog and I really enjoyed doing it so I’ll be bringing it back.  I think until I get some more content up on the blog it will be a once every 2 weeks feature but after that it will be a weekly feature.  The first Laci Recommends goes live next Tuesday.

I’m also kicking around an idea for a once a week (maybe) personal feature. Where y’all can learn a little bit more about me and my other hobbies outside of reading.  I guess the idea for this feature came to me while reading a Bloggiesta mini-challenge, where someone commented about losing the “personal side” to her blog.  I don’t want my blog to turn into book blog “robot” and I definately don’t want it to feel impersonal either.

I’m looking forward to feedback/discussion on these idea’s.  Please feel free to share your thoughts on these idea’s in the comment section below.


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