According to the FTC, I am required to state that all books reviewed on my blog were either purchased by myself or received from the author and/or publisher for review. All of my reviews will state how I received the novel. I do not receive ANY compensation for my honest reviews.

Review Requests


~ Urban Fantasy
~ Paranormal Romance
~ Dystopian’s
~ Steampunk
~ Young Adult Paranormal

Accepted Formats:

~ E-books (pdf or epub files ONLY)
~ ARC’s
~ Hard Copy

Review Time Frame:

At this time I cannot guarantee a time frame due to “Real Life” circumstances. I do review on a “first come, first serve” basis. Once I receive your review request, I will let you know where your book is in my “Review Que.”

Review Locations:

~ On The Paranormal Palace
~ Goodreads
~ Barnes and Noble
~ Other: please specify in review request

Contact Information:


Review Requests Disclosure:

~ I reserve the right to post my honest feelings about all books reviewed, whether they are positive or negative.

~ All books reviewed here on The Paranormal Palace were purchased by me unless stated otherwise.


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